Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Update

Abby is doing a little bit better today. Her fever has come down a few times but it keeps going back up to 104. We know what bacteria is causing the blood infection and they tested it in the lab with the anabiotic she's on and it does kill that bacteria so that's good news. She's been really nauseous and had a lot of other stomach issues that led them to do a test for C Diff which came back positive. C Diff is a bacteria that lives in most peoples' intestines and keeps in check with all the other bacteria in there. However, when a person is on anabiotics for a long time and they are the broad-spectrum type like she's on, and that person is immuno-compromised, the C Diff bacteria can overpopulated. Ironically, The treatment is another anabiotic. So, hopefully she will start feeling better soon. 

As I write this, I am sitting outside of the hospital enjoying some sunshine. Two life flight helecopters have landed on the hospital roof as I've been out here. It's always sobering to see. Makes me thankful that we are in such a great facility was a great staff taking care of our Abby.


Anna said...

C-Diff is bad news, man. Glad to see the update.
We dropped a bag off for her when we were there on the 22nd.
I feel the same way when we're at Children's- so many other children and their families facing difficult experiences. Always somebody who needs a quick prayer sent up. <3

Tiffany said...

We were sad to miss you Anna! Thanks for your sweet gift! Hope you guys are doing well and your girl is on the upswing this month.