Friday, February 26, 2016

Spiked high fever -ANC still 0

Abby is going on day 17 of this hospital stay. She's been on an antibiotic and anti fungal for the whole time. Last night she spiked a fever and they cultured the blood to see about infections. She had one so now she is on a second antibiotic and they are doing more blood cultures. She wasn't feeling good at all. The ICU. Doc came up to assess her and said she didn't need to go down there yet. 

-(Morning now) He's coming again soon since her fever is 103.9. Hopefully they can bring it back down and keep her out of ICU. 

Tiffany drove down in the middle of the night to be with Abby. I'm going down with the girls now. Hopefully they can get this infection under control quickly and hopefully her immunity come back soon to help fight it too. 

The girls get their blood drawn today (we'll see if we can still do it) to see who's the better match as well. Hopefully Abby's fever comes down and she can get some rest. But she probably won't feel like coming off the floor to see her sisters today :(. More video calls in the future will have to suffice until we get to bring her home.