Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Independence Day? Not quite.

Hey all,

Update: 12:30pm
Things are a bit up-in-the-air but overall pretty good.  The biggest update is that Abby is having some stomach pain and a low-grade fever right now so hopefully it is nothing and will pass. If not we may have to stay longer than we were anticipating. If she spikes a fever, then of course we would have to stay in but if not we might be able to get out Thursday.

Original Post:
Abby's ANC is at 700 today, 610 yesterday, 410 the day before and 500+ 4 days ago.  So, she is on her 2nd consecutive day of +500 meaning that she may be able to get out tomorrow! We are sure praying for that to be the case.  This tummy pain could push it back to Thursday or even next week but hopefully they'll let her go tomorrow. We'll see.

Abby is ready to be out. It's officially Day +20 today but Abby's been in Denver for a long time, since the beginning of April I believe, I think she started radiation on the 5th and she is ready for a full night of sleep without beeping alarms, blood pressure cuffs, and pulseOx noises.

Yesterday we got to start our "Independence Day" training. Basically this is the day that we get to give all of her meds, do her central line care, and show the hospital that we are capable of fulling taking care of her while we are out of the apartment.

Tiffany and I started yesterday with a couple of cap changes on her double lumen Broviac line.  Then Tiffany got to call the nurse to tell her when Abby needed meds, and set an alarm to get up at 2am and 5am to give the meds to Abby. Tiffany is pretty tired today, the night nurse is a great nurse but is also really loud. We actually joke that it's like having a truck in your room during the night. The nurse was in a lot last night because Abby had to get platelets and red blood cells which is a lot to do in the middle of the night. Hopefully Tiffany can get a nap today.

Praying that the fever stays away, the stomach pain goes away and that they let us out soon.


VITA DVDs said...

Hi Abby,
We're praying hard for the absence of stomach pain - and also a release very soon for "good behavior!"

Lots of love,
Kathi and Wayne
Randleman NC

Unknown said...

Oh, so close! Praying with you all!

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently (some more) for HIm. K