Sunday, February 13, 2005

Abby's doing Great!

Just a quick post to say... Abby's doing great! The Ara C and 6-MP, the new chemo drugs, aren't making her nauseous and she is walking around a lot more this week.

I'm a bit better with giving her the Ara C in her IV tube now, but still I'd rather not. This week I spilled some on my hand and we got repremanded by the office for trying to get the air bubble out... it was a BIG bubble by the way but still... They told us to leave the bubbles!!! And also how carcinogenic that Ara C can be, alters DNA and such. My thought was, "why are we giving this carcinogenic drug to our daughter again?... to get rid of her cancer?... ironic huh? Anyway, if my hand starts to glow or grow large tumors out of my palm I'll probably give them a call. I did have to throw away my shirt that I was wearing at the time, my YLI journey shirt... I guess I'll just have to be ok letting some things go along this journey! :)

Abby helped make cookies yesterday, has been playing A LOT more and is much more content. Her eye is still a bit lazy and legs a bit stiff but otherwise she is really improving!

Well just wanted to let everyone know how things are going this sunny and bright weekend in Colorado.

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