Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Hair today, gone tomorrow
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Well, actually that would have been a better title a couple days ago being that Tiffany finally cut off what was left of her hair yesterday morning.

I've know it was coming and during the last big round her hair definitely thinned out a bunch but I still wasn't looking forward to it or was I prepared for it all to just come out so fast. Basically it took about 24 hours for her to go from looking pretty normal in the hair department to real sparse. It just came out by the handful, the weirdest thing really, kind of made me nauseous, I don't know why, it just did. I didn't want Tiffany to cut it at first but by Saturday morning I decided that she would probably look better without the remaining hair since it was so spotty.

The first night that it came out she was just bald on the top with the mullet look in the back, she decided to dress up. She got this little skirt on, and some beads, put on a bikini top over her shirt and some clip-on ear rings. I was working downstairs when all of this was going on and when I came upstairs and saw her I couldn't help but laugh. She was all decked out as pretty as could be with her wispy hair just smiling with how beautiful she has made her self. I didn't tell her but all I could think in my head was that she looks like a bag lady... with Gollum's hair.

Actually it is great to see her all lit up and trying to be all beautiful, dressing up, playing, laughing and smiling more it really does offset the fact that her appearance has changed so dramatically. Those are the things that make me see my little Abby more. Past the chubby cheeks, the wandering eye, and her little bald head I really do see daughter more now and that is a great thing. It is amazing how Decadron can change not only Abby's appearance, but also her mood, emotions, and metal functions so much. Crazy stuff. Her face and belly will get more normal looking in the next couple months but she will still have quite the puffy, "moon face" as they call it through the term of her treatment since she'll be on Decadron for 5 days out of each month.

As for us, we're tired. Abby still isn't sleeping very well at night. Actually the last couple nights I found her sleeping on the floor our room or the guest room in the middle of the night. I don't quite know why but I think she is just sore and achy and is having a kind of Decadron withdraw since she wasn't weaned off of it like is often done with these drugs.

Well, speaking of tired, I'm gonna go take a nap. I'll post a puffy-faced-bald-headed picture for you all soon... you have been warned. :)

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H. West said...

hey guys--
whenever i read this, i always want to say something, but never know quite what... So, i guess just, hey, i'm here. I'm so glad to be part of your lives, to just be able to part of your journey. Can't wait to see you, to move here to Fort Fun!!

love you guys--