Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Starting DI, round 2

Hey all,

I took Abby down to the eye doc yesterday and we stopped by CHOA to get her blood counts. The machine said that she wouldn't pass, ANC 400, but when they did the manual count under the microscope she passed with a 748! Weird, I was sure that she wouldn't make it especially after they ran it on the machine and it came back with a 400. Anyway, she needed a 750 to start the 2nd part of Delayed Intensification (I put the roadmap here that should be big enough to read) so she will start today.

Today on the menu is: 1 Spinal tap with Mexthotrexate chemo, 1 dose of Cyclophosphomide, 1 dose of Ara-C, and 1 pill of 6-TG... to counter the side effects of these chemo drugs she will also get Kytril for nausea, Zantac for her stomach, and Nystatin & Perodex 3 times a day as a mouth rinse. They sure know how to load these kids up huh!? Well from here on out the mountain of meds should be substantially smaller.

Please be praying for no side effects on these drugs as some of them have pretty scary yet uncommon side effects such as making the patient sterile. Here is a good link for side effects of the common Leukemia drugs if you want more info.

As for the hair situation, yes it still is gone, just some rouge hairs left looking for company. Actually she has lots of peach fuzz. If you want to see what she looks like click here. It's amazing how quickly it all came out and yes we're still getting used to her new look. Once her cheeks go down a bit and she can smile with out her cheeks closing her eyes that will be better too. Not much to say about her eye from the doctor. He'll see her in 6 weeks and then we'll decide on surgery then, most likely they'll do a surgery.

We'll lots to do on day 29! Hope all is well with you.


Anonymous said...

ok...which one of these drugs turned her yellow and gave her a fuzzy body?

I love all of you and miss you bunches. I am praying continually and will not stop!
Give my precious granddaughter a big kiss on the top of her cute little head for me ok?
Love & blessings, Nana

Anonymous said...

My niece is sooooooo beautiful! Abby, your smile warms the deepest part of my heart. You just keep smiling and know that your Aunt MeMe loves you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mark & Tiff,
Your little Abby's beauty shines through these pictures (not that yellow guy, though!....who is that?). Abby is such a wonderful testimony to God's love in a child! We are all so blessed to know her. God bless her, Anna and you guys!
Love you lots,