Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bedside Posting

I remember this life.  You can't sleep so you start to think.  And thinking turns into the need to write and so you start to type.  They you figure that you shouldn't keep these thoughts to yourself so... you post.  It's kind of being in a coffee shop. Nice windows, free coffee, comfy chairs that turn into beds, clean sterile floors, lots of fun bells ringing.  Well, I guess the coffee and chairs are the same.  I wonder if they would let spruce it up a bit more.  Maybe let me bring a laser cutter in here? -I could cut our a really cool room sign for everyone!

Anyway, Abby is finally asleep.  It has been a rough re-entry.  I think she just has so many fears that get brought up from her past experiences, fears that she doesn't even know are in there.  Today her main emotion was fear and anxiety over what will be the next painful procedure.  Jet lag doesn't help either.  I'm wide awake at 10pm and I don't have an IV in me.  They moved her IV yesterday and put it in her other arm but still she says it hurts.  Her back was also sore but that seems better now with tylenol.  Basically she has been in some sort of pain for the last 5 or 6 weeks since her legs first started being bruised and swollen.  Chronic pain just wears you down, I hope she can get some sort of relief soon.

They did the bone marrow test today and got the preliminary results in a format that they can read, in English this time too, which also helps with the readability.  Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  We will know what type it is tomorrow but the Japanese tests already showed that it was pre-b, the same type she had last time.  She will also go into surgery for 2 procedures: a spinal tap + chemo, and she will also get her med-o-port which allows them to access her veins without having to give her an IV.

It's weird to be here again, last time I wrote about her first treatment I was wrought with fear but this time I'm not.  I just want her to get going so that she will start to understand that fear has no power over her.  My prayer is, that her fears of the unknown will be replaced by a kind of peace that can't be taken away by these new circumstances in her life.

Have a good night, or day... depending where you happen to be in the world.


Mark Schreiber said...

Abby had a good night sleep! Whoo hoo. Sleep makes everything better but keep praying for peace for her, she is anxious about her surgery today and she can't eat until after she is all done with it. Hopefully they can get her in early.

Unknown said...

Praise God!!

In the name of Jesus, I pray for peace to surround Abby as an overflowing well deep within her spirit & soul.

Anxiety & fear, you have NO authority in Abby`s life or in the lives of any member of the Schreiber family!! Any fearful or anxious thoughts will be replaced with the TRUTH of God that all sickness & disease will be cast into the pits of Hell. Instead, fruits of the spirit will be seen & heard. Abby will be a light to children that are wanting peace & she'll show them Jesus.



Unknown said...

Dear Mark, I just saw your Facebook post and went to your blog. Tom and I are so sorry to hear about Abby and your family's latest battle. We are thinking of you and wishing Abby all of the best as she goes through this ordeal. We know that your family and faith are strong and that you have much to sustain you as you face this trial. Fondly, Tom Smith and Toni Farquhar

Becky Swanson said...

I stand in agreement in Jesus Precious Name

H. West said...

Mark-- thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your journey. You all have been on my mind constantly... I drove past Children's twice today on the way to a training I had across town and all I wanted to do was just skip the training and come in to give you guys big hugs. I cannot tell you how often I find myself drawing on the words of wisdom you and Tiffany have given me out of your journey and how frequently I look to you both as an example as I seek strength, hope, and direction in my own life. It has been my prayer that the Lord would return those words of wisdom back to you again in this moment, that he would remind you and show you in a new way his peace, comfort, and faithfulness in this season-- that he would uphold you, take hold of your hands, and give you rest. I pray that He would give you strength of heart as you walk through this with Abby in a new way, that she would know His love and comfort deeply. Please know that you are in my heart and prayers, dear Friends.