Monday, November 16, 2015


Abby is checked in at Children's Hospital.  They haven't done much yet because the Japanese test results are a bit hard to read so we are going to repeat them tomorrow.  Also in the mix is the fact that her blood counts are pretty good right now and they didn't see any blast cells in the blood today.  So before we move full steam ahead with treatment, we are going to pause and make sure we are heading in the right direction.  Several doctors have stopped by and taken a look at the bruising and Mark's well documented pictures from the beginning until now.  Way to go Mark and the school nurses!  Abby is doing well. With two new owls to keep her company and shrimp for lunch what else could a girl want? The first of the bone marrow test results will come tomorrow afternoon.  The rest we will have to wait a bit longer for, Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.  Thanks for the prayers and love sent our way, we are feeling it all and appreciate it more than we can say!  We will keep you all posted.

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