Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day 10 in

Well, we are still here.  Tiffany, Vicky (tiffany's mom), and I have all been taking turns staying overnight and keeping Abby company.  One of us drives down in the late morning, hangs out for a bit, then the other one drives home before rush hour traffic.

I know this drill all too well and I also know about the record keeping for medical.  I just dug up one of my old spreadsheets to use as a template for expenses. This morning I entered our mileage since the start of this and we have already hit 3300 miles of commuting since her first appointment.

Overall Abby is doing good.  She's a real trooper and has a positive outlook on this whole hospital stay.  Still it isn't fun all of the time and we've had some tears together over various realities.  The reality of her hair coming out is probably the biggest one right now.  It brings the reality home when your hair starts falling out.  I'm sure the bald head thing will be a challenge for her more this time than last time.  Did you know that they make a bald Barbie with wigs and such?  Yep, Abby has one now.  I actually think she is excited to play Barbies with her sisters (for the first time in her life).

Tiffany's mom is going to come up and cut it a bit shorter today so that she won't have as much to loose as it come all out.

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Unknown said...

As I was reading about Abby's hair and looking at the bald Barbie I wondered if the falling out of her hair and the eventual baldness is God's reminder to those she comes in contact with and are around her that although she may look and act normal there is actually a battle being waged in her body. It is a reminder that she needs extra grace, love, kindness and prayers.

Job got up and tore his robe and shaved his head - Job 1:20