Monday, December 07, 2015

Doing good but still here

Abby is still in the hospital. Basically waiting for her immunity to get strong enough so that they will let her leave. It has to be above 100 and right now it's only 50. It was 80 yesterday so hopefully it'll move up sooner than later.

For now we are trying to find ways to keep her for getting too bored or watching movies all day. She has a felting kit so that's been fun. She's making a felt sushi. They also brought in a star to paint today. 

We'll take some walks and just keep waiting it out. 

Have a good day.


Patti Maggiora said...

Praying for your immune system to be strong enough to be home with your family soon. Lovely smile!

Anonymous said...

We miss you all so much and send all our best hopes and prayers for Abby's recovery. Here's hoping she can go home for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Abby looks awesome. She is strong! Miss you guys!