Friday, January 15, 2016

Pain meds and recovery

So, Abby's having a hard day but better than yesterday. Without going into too much detail, Using the bathroom is very painful. She was on morphine yesterday and has a standing order for it if she needs it. They almost gave it to her again today but the oral pain med finally kicked in. They think it is probably sores, like a canker sore, in various places down her digestive system. Just part of how chemo works, targets rapid dividing cells, and can be indiscriminate.  

It's so hard to not be able to take the pain away. But she's in good hands here.and I'm glad they have pain meds that help her tolerate the pain. Once her blood counts get better her body will be able to start to heal again. Hoping and praying that that time is soon. Her ANC is still at 10 so she has a ways to go. 

Thanks for reading, for all the Facebook comments, texts and for everything else you all are doing to help our family through these trials. 


Unknown said...

So heartbroken with y'all. Praying God will insulate her from the pain.

Unknown said...

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