Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tests, Tests and an Update

So, lots is going on this week.  On Thursday morning, before we had to rush Abby down to the hospital, we all did our cheek swabs and sent them in to the lab to see if any of us will be a bone marrow transplant match.  I don't know when we'll have the results but at least it is all sent off.

It was nice to be able to do it at home but it was a bit stressful too.  I just kept wondering if I was doing it ok or not.  I didn't want to mess up for sure.  Lots of pressure on those cheek swabs. I almost dropped one of Annas but caught it mid-flight before it hit the ground.  I had 4 swabs for each of us so it would've been ok but still, a bit stressful.

The 2nd MRD (minimum residual disease) test will be sometime this week.  It was suppose to be on Monday but since she has no white blood cells to test they will need to move it to later in the week.  We should have the MRD result and our bone marrow match test results soon too.  At that point, they will be able to make some decisions on what the rest of the winter and spring will look like for Abby.

We do hope that one of us is a match and that her MRD is a lot better than last time.

On the hospital front, Abby is doing better.  Still on some pain meds but she can go for longer in between the doses now.  She's also eating again, at least a couple meals today.  I'd say she is 50% better and we just hope things keep moving in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

We are thinking and praying for your family. Say hi to Abby and Lily and Anna for us.

From Alyvia: Lily, are you going to come back to Japan?


Mark Schreiber said...

Thanks Carrie. We miss ya all and Lily thinks she will be back sometime for sure. They miss Japan and all of their friends. Take care and thanks for the note.

Unknown said...

Everyone at ASIJ have you in our thoughts and prayers!!!!

Unknown said...

Going back to read this I couldn't help but think:

Mark "saved" Anna's blood & THAT was the winning match to use!