Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Abby hospital pics

Here are some good pics from our Hospital stay.

Love you all

A nice big smile

She got her appetite back!

What a sleeping beauty huh?!

We'll have more to come, email me if you want to be on the snapfish family photo emails... Then you can see them all:)


Anonymous said...

What a doll! I learned about Abby from a friend of mine, Michelle. She asked for prayers for your sweet daughter and prayers you've got coming from Pennsylvannia. Abby will remain in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Dear God,
Please take care of Abby. I love Abby and monster trucks. I hope the germs in your body go away soon. Love, your cousin John-John.

Anonymous said...

Abby is so beautiful. I'm friends with Julie and I wanted you to know that Abby is in my thoughts and prayers. I've got a lot of faith that your sweet little girl will beat this!

Michele in Texas

Anonymous said...

oh what a beautiful little girl, my prayers are with you every day....I am a friend of Abby's grandma Pam and I have an Abby granddaughter also...please know my family is remembering you all in our prayers...hang in there you will all look back at this some day with such wonder and graditude...remember you grow with pain and you will all grow so very much...God Bless your wonderful family.....Barbara Edwards Portland Oregon