Sunday, January 02, 2005

Two and one half & 2 and ½

She’s 2 & ½, not even 3, well, a month shy of 3 almost to the day. Two and ½ years ago we were still living in San Diego or had just moved back to Colorado. Two and ½ years ago, I was applying to start my masters degree at CSU. Two and ½ years ago, I was playing with a new born baby whose name was Abigail. I was over my initial sleep deprivation and really starting enjoy being a Dad. Two and a half years is all that Abby knows as life… For the next 2 and one half years she will be fighting off this cancer.

That’s how long the treatment is, yup 2.5 years. Nice that we start it off in a new year, makes thinking about treatment dates pretty easy. So July 07, probably around the 4th. What and independence day that will be for my little girl! Oh Lord, help us get to that day as one ecstatically happy family.

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Kylie Lacey said...

I stumbled upon this blog, but I have to post. This is one of the saddest things I have ever heard. If you continue to pray, rely on the Bible, the Lord, and Jesus, all will be well. Put faith in your hearts and you can never do wrong. The Lord will only do what's best for you. I assure you that a prayer in North Salem, NY will be said for that little girl tonight.