Tuesday, January 04, 2005

"We Home"

That's what Abby always says, "we home". I'll teacher her more verbage later as her speech gets better:) but indeed, we are home!

Good to be home too. We entered our very, very, very clean house (thank you for all that helped... it must have been an army!) tired but glad to be home. Abby promptly sat down to "watch a little TV", had a snack and is now taking a nap.

I've unpacked some with Tiffany and currently the ladies, Tiff and her mom are out picking up the large quantity of prescription drugs that will be part of the regiment here to come. They are also finding a place for Vicky, the mom, to stay for a couple nights while we try to get our lives back to normal... whatever that is going to look like:)

Thanks again for your prayers and thoughts, I haven't read the blog yet, nor email but I'm sure there is a lot of things to thank people for.

Love you all,

The Daddy.

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EdVillanueva said...

Mark, you are a great godly man and I thank you for sharing your superb life, actions and reactions to Abby's healing with Paula and me. You and Tiffany make my Christianity alive and energized for your experience is make God's grace and love a visual reality.
Jesus is love and Abby is loved by the San Diego church and in particular my family. Paula took the news as a dagger in the heart and reminders of her pancreatic malignancy arose, but so did those of her miraculous healing, praise God.

I have worked with illness of this sort but with adults and older patients and have seen a marked benefit from instructing their loved ones to assist the patient in conducting life in a joyful normal and Godly positive way.
Stay the course, God's blessings will prevail.