Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A Gracious Gift - Support in Prayer and Finances

Dearest friends across the country - our family praises God for you and your prayer support as we continue Abby's journey. Below is an email that we received from one of our friends that has set up an account to be able to receive financial gifts for the expenses along the path to healing. This is a very humbling move on our part...we praise God simply for your prayers and love. Even so, this has come from outside of our family in love. So, read the following and respond as God leads.

In Jesus,
Abby, Anna, Mark, Tiffany and the rest of the extended family


Both Mitch and Robin were kind enough to help out by spreading the word of Abby at Summitview Church and also on the Blog page. We all know there are so many people out there wanting to help out and really are not sure what they can do. I figure the move that I am laying before you will be easier for Mark and Tiff then receiving 37 Spiral Cut Hams. We all know this battle will include multiple co-pays, trips to Denver, hotels stays and so on which will be a huge drain on the family, but hopefully we can help out!!!!

But anyhow, I am the custodian of the account for right now. The custodian is simply an intermediary so people don't think this is the parents acting alone. As God leads you in your heart, you can donate money to the Abby account in either one of two ways:

1. Send the bank a check made out to Bank of the West with instructions to deposit in the Abigail Schreiber account with the account number on the check. Or make the check out to Abigail Schreiber with the account number or make it out to Loren Buckmaster for Benefit of Abigail Schreiber, again with the account number on the check.

2. The preferred option is to send the checks to me directly. They can address the checks the same as above. This way I can keep tract of who has donated and pass this information along to Mark and Tiff so then can send thank you letters or whatever they please in the future.

Okay I know this e-mail is rather random but I guess I'm pretty excited to get it going. But this should be all the information: (if I forgot something please let me know)

Savings Account # (please email Loren or Matt: see below)

Bank Name and address: Bank of the West, 426 S. Link Lane, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524. 970-267-3700

Custodian Information: Loren Buckmaster 2102 Lincoln Street, Longmont, Colorado 80501.

Questions or concerns can be directed to Loren at 303-589-8624 or Matt Harmon 512-506-9629

Again thank you to everyone who is helping out with this. I know we all love Mark and Tiff like a brother and sister and their wonderful kids as are own!!! I know this will be a huge help for them in the coming weeks and months. The more we get the information out, the more it will help the family and most importantly Abby!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Loren, thank you for providing a way for friends to help Mark and his family. Barb S.