Sunday, January 02, 2005

You are part of this journey

This blog is not just for information, but for thoughts, for community, for the outpouring of all the things that I so often hold inside, for God’s love in the midst of thing that I just don’t understand, like cancer, like kids cancer, like my daughter being one of the 3000 kids yearly that get Leukemia. Please join Abigail Vivian Schreiber as she approaches her 3rd birthday in this journey that she has been cast into, a journey that I think she will do well on, the journey that include lots of tears, lots of smiles, a strong faith and a persevering spirit. Your thoughts, comments, prayers, and stories are more than just a trivial “hello”, they are an integral part of this healing journey.


Anonymous said...

Mark, Tiffany, Abby and Anna,

It's so hard to hear of your news about Abby. What a challenging and emotional journey you have entered. From reading your emails and this beautiful website you have composed, I can tell you have a very strong faith in God, His mercy and plan for each of us. Your Abby is so blessed to have been born into such a special and faithful family; she will do well on this journey as will you and your family. Just by reading about your everything you have been through so far, it's apparent that there is so much positive and loving energy surrounding each of you. When I was working as an RN at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, I loved the childrens' unit. One would be inclined to think that would be the saddest place in the world to work but it was the kids that put such a possitive perspective on life...they continued to be filled with laughter and curiousity about their world and they tended to bounce back from their treatments so much more quickly than the adults. Children are also still so fresh from God; such perfect reflections of His love. Abby will have strength like you never imagined and likely teach you more than you ever thought possible about the resiliance of the human spirit. My prayers and my family's prayers are with you friend as you make your way through this journey.

In friendship,
Karen Worline (Louck)

Anonymous said...

Mark & Tiffany, Just know that you are not alone in this journey over the next 2 1/2 years. I will ask for prayers tomorrow at our weekly staff meeting (I work at our church, First Presbyterian Church of Granada Hills) for all of you, not just Abby. God will watch over Abby and be with her as well as you and Anne. We have seen the power of prayer over and over. God will not only be with Abby, but the Drs, Anne and you and Tiffany. I feel that I have gotten to know you thru looking at this web site and your background. I can see that you and Tiffany truly have God in your lives, as we do.
I know you don't really know me, (I'm a cousin to your dad,) and the last time I saw you we visited with you in Port Townsend with my daughter Natashia, your cousin who is 6 mos. younger than you. She and her family are also very involved in our church with their 4 children. 18 mos. to 12 yrs. I will ask our congregation to keep Abby in their prayers, also.

Sheila (Stiles) Koster ( or