Monday, February 28, 2005

Everything feels almost normal

I haven't posted for awhile because to be honest, everthing seems amost normal. If you were to come over and watch Abby and Anna play, you would probably only notice a few things but wouldn't really guess that she has cancer. Ya, her hair is starting to fall out but she has so much of it that it isn't really that noticable yet. And yes, her walk is a bit straight legged and her eye a bit off but if you didn't know any better you'd just think she had some minor problems. As for medications, we haven't had to give her more than one this weekend which has made bedtime much more enjoyable. Her mood has been great and she has had a great time playing outside lately. The only thing that has been a real issue has been her tummy and even that seems pretty low key to me. But she does still have Leukemia and it still is a long road ahead but man am I glad for a bit of a reprive!

It is a bit weird to be in this spot where she seems so normal yet I know that there is still more to come. I don't really know how to explain it, maybe it's just the fact that she seems so normal and then somthing quickly and harshly reminds you that it isn't the way that it used to be. Like church for example, we went as a family this weekend, the first time since the whole thing was uncorked. It seemed normal enough, get the kids dressed, put them in the van and go to church... but from there it changes a bit. Now we add in: put the mask on Abby, sit away from potentially sick people, keep Abby and Anna with us instead of in the germ infected nursery, worry when people cough around us, etc. Now don't get me wrong, we had a good time and worship was great. The parts of the sermon I caught were good too. But we did end up leaving early because taking care of our girls during the message proved to be a bit focus and time consuming than we had thought it would.

So, we are very thankful that Abby is doing so good and we have had a great time with her, we are just trying to figure out what we can do together as a family during these intial 6 months when things are a bit more trying.

One thing that will be nice in the near future will be moving into our new house! Yup, we close on the 18th of March and then will move in the following weekend, the 26th. During the week of the 18th we are planning on working on the house, paint and such. Also, it give us a bunch of flexibility so if Abby is sick that week we hopefully won't feel rushed to move out.

If you want to help move us, paint or fix up some minor things shoot me an email and I'll either fill you in or forward it on to Brian and Cindy Siebert, I think they are going to coordinate it all for us. Is that ok Brian? :)