Friday, December 22, 2006

We'll be Home for Christmas

So where still here... in Colorado. The 2 feet of snow didn't help us get on the road to Idaho in time but that's not the main reason that we'll be staying home this year.

As you know Abby's been sick. Actually, Abby, Anna, Lily and myself have all been sick... Tiffany is taking good care of us. I have a sinus infection and Abby has the same cold I think. Lily seems like she is getting it today too so we'll just have to see how everyone does. Abby went into the local hospital to get some blood cultures done for the last couple days and a shot of Rocefin (sp?) antibiotic. She seems to be doing fine but they wanted to make sure since she was running a 101 fever and spiking up to 102.5 at times. Her fever broke today and she seems in good spirits.

We almost didn't make it back from the hospital on Wednesday since we had to go over during the blizzard. I dug us out of the parking lot with a basket and we made it mostly into our drive way before I gave up and left it there. Since then it has been about 15 rounds of digging to get various vehicle out of the snow and clear a path in our driveway. It was a nice neighborhood even. Everyone was digging and now we all have a mountian of snow in our yards!

So we are staying home. Maybe we'll all be healed up by new years! We'll see.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Still sick

Hey all,

You can be praying for Abby. She isn't feeling good at all. Walking around the house for the last week with a bowl in her hand in case she throws up. It's just a stomach virus, Anna and Tiffany also had it, but for Abby it is lasting a lot longer. That's pretty common for people with low immunities like her but still not fun. decided that I would not get their stomach bug and did everything in my power to keep it at bay... Instead I got a major sore throat and now I can barely talk. I was reminded though as grated through the pain of swallowing and eating from the sores in my throat about how happy I was that Abby have very few if any sores from the chemo last year. So, at least one good thing from this cold. It also reminded me how happy I am that Abby isn't like this all of the time like she was during some of those first few rounds. Man those were rough.

Still, it makes us sad having to see her like this for so long, pushing 9 or 10 days I think. We were up with her last night till about 2am and then again at 3:30. She seems to be eating and drinking better today and she hasn't thrown up so that is a huge deal. We are hoping that it will work it's way through and be done soon, hopefully without having to go to the other end of her system before it is all done and gone!

Well, lets just say it's been a tiring month. We did have a little reprieve while Tiffany's mom was her but then we all got sick again. I guess that is part of this winter season.

Pray that Abby will feel better and that she won't throw up her medicine again this night. I haven't been able to give her her chemo for the last 2 nights.