Sunday, January 07, 2007

My Family is Different...

As I was watching Lily chew on the top of Abby's mega Zantac bottle the other day(don't worry it was closed!) it struck me that my family is different than most. I know, news flash did someone forget to tell me!?

So, Abby got sick again (after the pink eye) in the tummy arena on Tuesday. She had such bad issues (ie. diarrhea) that we took her down to CHOA to get checked out. She was dehydrated so they plugged her into some fluids for an hour and a half to rehydrate her. See that's what I mean... different. I mean your kid doesn't get sick and just go get plugged in to fluids. Sometimes I feel like she is a little car. "Plug her in and get the coolant flushed and don't forget I have a frequent buyer coupon." Different.

Maybe other families went put their kids in the Christmas pageant without a mask and their kids are still sick but I don't know of any. Different. I guess I could have made her a cute Christmas Angel mask with glitter and stuff but that just seemed kind of sad to be honest. She was a cute Angel though... I'll have to post some video.

So, as you can tell, I'm a little worn down... we all are a little worn down. We're trying to keep our chins up, find the best in things and not become a product of our circumstances but to be honest, it's still tiring. Just like the snow here in Colorado, it just keeps coming. Cold fronts and "Cold fronts". I'm really hoping for a change in the metaphorical and real weather around here.

So, here are some requests if you are the praying type:
  • For us to all get better (Tiffany's cough, my sinus infection, Lily (whatever her deal is) and of course Abby's health.
  • For us to see the best in what is set before us.
  • For the Lysol to actual work.
  • Good nights sleep.
I hope you all are doing well. I'm sure that we will be healthy soon... it just can't go on for more that 30 days in a row can it? I'm going to believe not.