Monday, March 20, 2006

neutropenic is not the best

So, though Abby has been doing really good, she is still neutropenic (very low immunity). They like to keep her between 1000-1500 in her ANC (immunity blood count) and if she drops below 500 she is deemed neutropenic. When people are neutropenic they have a high risk of infection with very little symptoms, obviously not so good. Last year, Abby was neutropenic quite often but this year she has been really good until now. 2 weeks ago, she was about 300 and so they wanted to see us in 2 weeks, i.e. today... Today they ran the blood count and she was at 100! Yikes!

So... the protocol that she's on says to take kids off their meds for a week if they are neutropenic like Abby so guess what? Yup, no chemo meds for a week! That means I don't have to wake up Abby before I go to bed and give her the chocolate coated chemo! Kind of a nice break, I don't know what to do with myself:)

Her blood counts should go back up by taking her off the meds and with it her immunity too. If the counts don't come up within a week then they will have to take her off for another week to let them recover. Dr. Smith said that they usually come back up in a week.

See, we also had a hearing test for Abby today at the hospital. Dr. Smith wanted to get a baseline since her speech isn't the clearest, just to make sure it wasn't being caused by any hearing problems. The test came back great, her hearing is perfect! Now she has no excuse not to listen to me because I know that she can hear me!

Well, that's it for now. Pray that she doesn't get the cold that Tiffany has or that Anna has. Pray that she doesn't get a neutropenic fever, over 101.5, because if she does we have to take her in to the hospital to be admitted.

Oh ya... stay tuned for information on the upcoming Abbyupdate blood drive... Oh ya... it's gonna be big!