Friday, April 20, 2007

Officially Done!

Well the last pill was given last night. I still put the spoon back in the chemo container with the remnant pills and put it away. I don't really know what to do with it all now. What will we use that space on the top of our microwave for now? I'm also going to get back about 2 square feet of cabinet space back too. What will I do with such sacred space? :)

Anyway, pray for Abby's continued healing. I'm excited to see the gradual change as her body gets rid of these chemo substances and starts to slowly back to normal. I bet combination of low altitude, higher blood counts and lots of sugar in Disneyland will make for one energetic little girl! And one exhausted little girl by the end of the day!

Have a great day and enjoy the fireworks in your life too!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Last Pills

Well we are fast approaching the final day of treatment. A date that I've been looking forward to since I've known about it.

I thought about tallying up the total number of pills that she's taken, or maybe the number of needle sticks that she had received, or the pints of blood that she has had transfused... but I thought that might be a bit depressing. Lets just say it's a lot and call it good.

This is a picture of really the last 1.5 pills that she will take. Crazy little pills. It is weird think we won't be dealing with the monthly grumpy and hungry pills anymore, nor the Methotrexate and spinal taps, or the 6-MP. It all just goes away. No more refills... weird. Can you put extra unused portions of medicines on Ebay? Just kidding. :) Actually we don't have a ton of any meds left over so that is good. I kind of feel weird about putting them down the sink or in the trash... what if some little critter gets it in their bloodstream and starts to glow, or turn into a super hero maybe. So I'll just have to take the extra to our clinic next time we go down.

And now we let her body rebuild. I wonder if she will feel and act a ton different? Or if she'll even notice being off all of this stuff? Let me say it one more time... Weird. But definitely a good weird.

I'm off to bed... the 19th of April, Abby's official treatment end day only 1.5 hours away. I feel like I should stay up, set up some fireworks in the driveway and welcome in these new years of our lives after chemo. Actually my dream firework show will probably be much more spectacular than my sidewalk show, so off to bed I go.