Tuesday, March 29, 2005

All moved in!

Wee are all moved in and it is great! Our friends decided to do a kind of "Extreme Home Makeover" style move and it sure was fun. At least for us... we got to go hang out in a friends parent's house for 2 nights while they packed us up, moved us in and even decorated every room in the house! We even had the bus pull away from our house to "reveal" it to us... ok, well it was actually a minivan and the house still looked the same, but it was fun nonetheless.

I think they were decorating all day long and I do know that during the week some folks were there finishing the wood floor till the wee hours of the night. Thanks guys, I hope my neighbors still like me:) , I bet they will. Anyway, I had a good time and I think all the people that helped did too. Thanks soooooo much everyone, the house is beautiful and a great blessing for us and our girls.

I'll try to post some pictures soon... I just don't know where that cable is right now. I type more too but I cut my finger and so this message is getting long quickly. Yep our extreme make over had an injury too. Drama, new paint, moving a minivan, long nights, lots of help... man, I think we could start our own show! Thanks again to everyone who helped in sooo many ways. Thanks a ton!

Hey, when are we going to finish the basement? :)

Abby's doing great by the way. She's going down to Denver again to day for a couple shots in the legs and some chemo drug in her IV. This particular drug, vincristine, causes some leg weakness but other wise she tolerates it really well. Two more weeks of this phase, the consolidation phase and the on to Interim Maintenance. We'll keep you all posted as to how that goes too.