Thursday, August 25, 2005

On to the last phase... on Tuesday

So, Abby didn't pass on Tuesday, in terms of her counts, so she will have to wait until next week to start her final phase. That is fine with me, it is nice to have another little break, if you can call it that. She had a bit of a fever today, so pray that it isn't the beginning of another blood infection. It seems like every time she starts to get a low grade fever, something is brewing inside of her. She still in neuotropinic, under 500 ANC of her immunity count, so we have to watch all of that stuff closely. Also because of her ANC we can't take her out to crowded places or around sick people... that means once again we are hermitized for a bit. Hopefully her counts will come up soon and we can once again rejoin society as normal folk... for the most part anyway :)!

Other than that, things are still rockin' and rollin' around here. Anna decided that she wanted to become a big girl and use the "potty" instead of diapers and so we are on the potty training road... hopefully it will be a short trip. I'm getting more into the groove of the school year and am looking forward to Labor day weekend already! Actually the kiddos are fun, and I enjoy my classes, just long days compared to the flexible summer.

Off to sleep, I have to get up at 6am again tomorrow:(