Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Good Wed, Thurs & A Good Friday

Happy easter all!

This chemo week has been really good. Before it started I kept hearing the good weather forecast and considering how much I've used that analogy in the past I was hopeful that since it would be a sunny week, that maybe Abby would do good... My hopes and prayers paid off and aside for a few gusts of wind, outside and in, all has been relatively calm here.

We dyed some easter eggs this week and the girls have been eating them all up! Abby eats about 3 a day! I guess that is better than a bunny mac and cheese craving! As for the steroids and cravings... she really has done great. Lots of wanting to be held, and lots of resting but not a ton of requests for food constantly as has been the norm in the past.

See, we've bumped Abby up to a 3/4 dose of 6MP and 1/2 of the oral Methotrexate. We'll check her counts again in a week and see where they want to set the medicine back to. Abby's been trying to chew up her Decadron instead of swallowing it up... she says it taste "yucky". She used to swallow it on the first try, good for a 4 year old, but of late she's decided to chew it instead. We'll have to work on that.

Well, only 3 more Decadron pills to go! We will be done this round on Easter morning.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yet another Spinal Tap Tuesday

Hello all!

Abby just got done with her spinal tap and Tiffany and the girls are on there way back from Denver. Tiffany also had to take Abby down yesterday for an eye doc appointment. So where to start....

Well, Abby is doing much better, the counts have come back up and she started back on her meds (at 1/2 the dose) about 5 days ago. Her counts were still good today and they started her on her chemo pulse... (Decadron, Vincristine, spinal tap Methotrexate). They will be increasing her oral meds back up towards normal too. Tiffany said that she did really good with the tap this time and hopefully she won't be too grumpy for this coming week.

Yesterday Abby went down to the eye doc for another follow up to her corrective surgery. He said her vision is fine and her eye drift is pretty much gone. He was going to even have us take the glasses away and be done with them but we've noticed a bit of eye wander when she is tired or on more chemo so he said to stick with the glasses until she grows out of them. At that time she will be done! Yippie! Also, her glasses have a 1 year warranty so we took them in to have them looked at and they are going to replace them with a new pair since they aren't holding up the best. Nice to get a new free pair of glasses!

Anyway, that's it for now... I'll post some more stuff here soon.