Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm in a Daze... but it's not from Decadron!

This afternoon at a school wide assembly a bunch of people from the Colorado Department of Education gave a give presentation to our whole school. As the assembly went on it became clear that one teacher in the school would be getting an award... a big award. They talked about the trip to Washington D.C., the black tie banquet in Denver and then started to add zeros to the dollar amount of the cash prize. 25, 250, 2500... then another zero, $25,000. Some teacher in our building was going to get 25k for teaching! I started to think who it was going to be... Dr. Madden? Some elementary teacher?... as they rolled out the giant check with the name on it I couldn't believe my eyes... It was my name, Mark Schreiber. They called my name and my body stopped working as hamsters started running faster on their wheels to try to power up my brain. I think my thought process was something like this..."my name was just called".... "there seems to be writing on a giant check up there with my name on it"... processing.... processing..."I think I may need to walk up there"... processing..."everyone is looking at me"... processing... "ya, that really is my name"... it seemed like forever, but somehow the message finally got to my feet and I started to walk towards the Department of Ed. folks to shake some hands.

Shocked is about the most mild way to put this, dazed may be a better term. Me? A National Teacher of the Year? One of 2 recipients in Colorado this year? 25 grand cash award? A trip to Washington D.C. and a black tie event in Denver? Crazy stuff. Slowly but surely it is sinking in. And yes, I think I'm still blushing.

You know just a few days ago I was looking at a large stack of medical bills and looking at our budget wondering how as a teacher I was going to pull this all off. As you can imagine, I was getting pretty stressed too. I try to depend on God in all of this stuff with Abby, but sometimes I just don't do a very good job with that. I was thinking how I was never going to be able to make this work, and then 2 days later this happens. This type of stuff seems to happen a lot and still I doubt God's provision in my families life... So much blessing on our family from friends, from our family, from my school, from all of you that faithfully read my ramble and pray for my daughter... man! I am a very lucky guy.

Thanks again for all of your prayers, support, love and compassion on my family! We definitely feel loved!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Decadron Daze are over... for now

Just a quick post to let you all know that Abby is done with her second pulse in this Maintinace phase. Her last Decadron (grumpy/hungry pill) was taken this morning, so hopefully she will be more like her normal self tomorrow.

She did almost suck her two middle fingers off though trying to comfort herself during last week and was rarely seen without her blanket. She did seem pretty normal though for most of the week, not too hungry, not too whiney, and played pretty well for a good part of the day before she would tank out. The first few days she did want to be held a lot and then today she also wanted to be held a lot but otherwise she did fine.

See what else... lots going on in life right now for me but on the Abby front it is pretty calm.

Good night and I'll try to post some more info and pics soon.