Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ringin' in the new year

We'll it's 9pm and everyone is sleeping. I figure it's midnight somewhere so why fight it, I might as well just go to bed :)!

Actually, even though everyone has been sick and Tiffany is still pushing through the cold it still is a good night. I mean honestly I can get down about these circumstances but when you look at the whole picture... we are doing great! Remember 2 years ago? I had the flu, Tiffany had the flu, Abby had the flu and was in the Hospital getting a Broviac put in, bone marrow taken out, and a spinal tap with Methotrexate. So again, this is nothing really.


What a crazy time. Tiffany and I were talking and saying that it seems like it was 5 years ago that this all started, not 2. Yet in some ways it seems like just yesterday.

With all of us getting sick this break and the 3 feet of snow there has been a lot of time to think and that's been really good. Last year I think we kept ourselves busy enough to not have to think about the previous 12 months and that was good. But all this time to think about it this year has also been equally as good. It has really made me and our whole family a lot different in who we all are... and once we can start to leave this house again maybe you all will notice! But really, things are good. We would like to get out some more and Tiffany and I are definitely looking forward to being able to put Abby and Anna back in Sunday school or take them to germ infected play room in the near future. Actually I bet it will be pretty hard not to hose them down with sanitizer or burn their clothes when we get home but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

And there is coming up soon! When Abby is done with this round of chemo we should have only 3 more to go (slight chance of 4 but I'm holding out for 3). That sounds weird. She'll be done in 3 months. Done. Weird. I don't know if I'll be relieved or just stressed about it coming back. I'm going to shoot for relieved with just a tinge of stress on the side. Anyway that is going to be a really nice belated Easter present. Maybe we'll chance it and take her to an Easter egg hunt... outside of course... with a mask. Hey with 11 days to go on Easter Sunday I may just for go the mask... we'll see.

Well, I got to mention 3 new years and an Easter here in one post so I'd say my job is done.

Happy New Year!

Give us this day our daily meds

Hey just a quick update of the drugs that the Schreiber clan is currently on.

Dexamethasone (grumpy/hungry pill)
Benadryl (just because)

Benadryl (why not?)

Ibuprofen (sore throat)
Cough drops
Ocean spray

Augmenten (antibiotic)
Benadryl (just kidding!)

All of Tiffany's medicines while nursing
Diaper rash cream

The Fish:....
I probably should feed it but it seems to be doing OK.

Ahhh... we are ready for the new year! Yippee!

Actually, we are all doing pretty good. Abby has done great during this round of chemo. Still lots of "hold me's" and such" but otherwise really good.

Tiffany has the cold that we all had finally and I think Lily has it a bit too.

I have a sinus infection and I'm starting my second round of antibiotics (just got off Amoxicillin). Hopefully this will kick it.

Anna went to the doc with me yesterday and she got a chest X-Ray. Everything seems to be going good, they just wanted to make sure since she has been sick for soooooo long.

Well, that's the update! Hope you all have a happy new year too! Stay healthy and wash those hands!!