Thursday, March 20, 2008

Abby's doing alright

Hey just a little update. You may have know that Abby has been having some persistent fevers and tummy issue for the last couple of months. Well we finally scheduled a bunch of tests for her. On Tuesday she had a CAT scan and we just got the results that the her sinuses are doing great.

2 weeks ago she did this Hydrogen breath test that came back positive and Tiffany is going down today to discuss those results with the GI guy. Basically it looks like there is some off-balance bacteria in her stomach that is eating her food for her so that she doesn't get the nutrients. Kind of weird I know but we'll know more today.

If the GI guy says that she can stop the IVIG then she will get her port out too!!! Hopefully she'll get her port out in mid April or May. That's our hope.

I'll let you know when we know more. Pretty soon we may have our truly normal little girl!