Wednesday, May 25, 2005



So. ya. that's me.

Abby's doing good though, actually a little hyper sometimes, and a little
grumpy still at times. She hasn't been sleeping very well, like last night
she was up about every hour. She still has her low-grade fever, bouncing
around between 99 and 100. She is off the Vanco now and on an antibiotic
that we only have to give her once a day so that is much nicer. The limp is
mostly gone, and we think the new fever is probably from a cold, Anna has a
cold too.

Other than that, we start the last Methotrexate infusion on Tuesday thru
Friday. And then on to DI! Yikes, Please start praying for that one, early
June- mid August. 21 days of steroid drug therapy, weekly doses of
Doxorubicin, more Vincristine, PEG shots, Arac, 6-MP, Cytabarbatine, spinal
taps with Methotrexate. And a few more that I can't remember.. So, please
pray, 60%-70% of kids get admitted during this DI phase, pray that she is in
the other 30-40% that gets to stay home. Pray that the side-effects are
minimal to none, and that she maintains her health the in the best possible


Sunday, May 22, 2005

Abby's still truckin'

Just a quick note to say, "It's HOT in Colorado!" Yes, just 2 weeks ago it was snowing and yes it is suppose to be spring here but once again leave it to Colorado to be different... The last 2 days it has been in the low to mid 90's... So... we broke out the pool! Abby loved it, she also loved not having to be attached to the IV fluids bag anymore too.
Quick update: Abby is on Vancomyacin, the strong antibiotic for her blood infection. She still is limping a bit so we'll have to get that checked next week. She is also on a medicine to help negate the neurological affects of High Dose Methotrexate (HDM). She only has one more HDM to go, a week from Tuesday. She what else... Eye Doctor appointment on Monday, and a CBC at CHOA. Other than that I think we are just going to catch up on our sleep, as much as the administration of Vancomyacin allows for, every 8 hours and a 2 hour infusion rate.
Abby's back to herself again mostly, and all the dwarfs have gone away for now, thanks for your prayers and comments. We love you all!