Saturday, April 01, 2006

Counts are coming up!

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that late yesterday we talked to the doctor and they said that Abby's counts, immunity counts, are coming back up. 320 yesterday, so she is still neutropinic, but much better. We'll get her checked out early next week and probably be able to start her back on chemo. She is scheduled for a spinal tap, Methotrexate, Vincristine, and the Decadron pulse on Tuesday but I think we may see if we can move it back a little bit since I have a big event at school on Friday night.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and especially your prayers for Abby!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

38.... Just 38

Yesterday when Tiffany told me what Abby's ANC was she said, "38". I said, "Oh good, 3800... wow, great!" She said, "no, just 38".

So as you can see Abby still has a very low inventory in the immunity store.

So, you might ask, "what does that mean". Well thanks for asking! That means that she will be off chemo for another week and off of her weekend antibiotic. "Is there any thing else?", one might ask. And to that I would respond again with, "why yes, you are very insightful and yes there is something else." If Abby's counts don't come back up by the end of the week then we will have to take her down to get a bone marrow test again... Now that is a big if, and for that reason, I really do hope that her counts do come back up soon.

Now being that you are so insightful and questioning in nature, you may also be wondering what Dr. Smith has to say about all of this. Well, he says things like, "what's up with her counts?" That's just doctor Smith... Let me translate. "What's up with her counts?" means... (Her counts are really low and so we will keep her off chemo again for this next week. This is pretty normal during these treatments and it is a really juggling act to keep kids from being too low or too high. Her counts should come up in the next week and if they don't we'll do a bone marrow but that is unlikely as she is probably just fighting off some virus.)

So, counts again on Friday here in Fort Collins... If they are low then to Denver we go... Pray that they come on up.

Thanks again for checking up on Abby and our family... stay tuned for exciting news where you can do something and quite possibly get a limited edition and autographed picture from Abby and Anna!