Sunday, March 06, 2005

2 months down, 28 to go

Well, on Tuesday, we will start 2nd course of this Consolidation treatment with an all day chemo at the clinic, and then back to the Ara-C and Methotrexate at home. The last couple weeks have been really good, I almost said blissful but it wasn't quite that great but still good. Other than Abby's counts being dramatically low for a week or so, and a couple low fevers there hasn't been much drama... and that is a great thing! So lets catch up now.

Abby has been still having weekly appointments at the clinic, CHOA, and for 2 weeks has been resting from the Ara-C and Methotrexate to let her counts come back up. For these last 2 weeks she has been on weekly spinal taps still with methotrexate administered in the spinal fluid and on Vincristine once a week too.

She also had another eye appointment and the doctor said things are looking good. She could definately see better and the doctor estimated another 2-3 weeks until the blood hemorage is fully dissolved back into the body. Patching her eye has been fine, she likes to be a pirate. Robin joined Vicky here this weekend and brought his own pirate outfit complete with eye patch and cap that he found at I believe. Abby got a kick out of having her "Pappa" dressed as a pirate!

See, what else... Tiffany and I got to go to Boulder for an overnight while Tiffany's parents watched the girls. We had a great time! It was really nice to get away for a night and we even talked a bit about things other than Abby or Anna. I also sprained my ankle today, so I'm not much help to my family but I think I'll be healed up good enough by the end of the week.

We are closing on our new place on the 18th, we took Abby and Anna over there for the inspection and they loved it! Especially the back yard, finally a place for them to run around! For the next couple days Abby kept asking to go back over to our new house, even after I explained to her numerous times that it wasn't our house yet. She's a hoot.

I think that's it for now. We'll get a blood test tomorrow to see if her counts are high enough to start back up with chemo on Tuesday. We'll let you know!

Buh Bye

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