Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This is Abby during the High Dose Methotrexate

This is Abby during the High Dose Methotrexate

Yep, that's her. Well, without the beard, less hair, no hat, smaller nose
and no cartoon styled cloths. or shoes. but the expression is the same..
Well mostly the same. Anyway, Abby is doing OK. Carrying around 2 liters
of fluids with you can't be fun nor getting yet another spinal tap I would
imagine. Yet even with all of that, she is still remarkably chipper.

It is fast approaching 10pm and I probably should have gone to bed awhile
ago seeing that it may be a long night of used Methotrexate fluid depositing
for the ole Abby, but then again I did have a triple shot of coffee at 3pm
so why should I complain. well actually if you must know, I didn't even have
that triple shot this afternoon. It sounded awfully good but I didn't have
the energy to go get one. Those Denver days tend to wipe you out. I wonder
if people that live in Denver are always wiped out? Hmmm.

Anyway, the spinal tap when well, only a little "owe" and then it was all
done. They always comment about how well she does with these taps compared
to other kids. I'm glad that she is so cooperative for them and me. They
don't even give her Vers-ed anymore because it was making her incredibly
weepy and not real fun to be around when it started to wear off. So the
only thing she gets is a topical pain killer and a little Fentanyl that
wears off pretty quickly after the tap. The infusion was fine, pretty
routine if it can be called so.

Her ANC is down to 650 but Dr. Smith wasn't too concerned. He was wearing a
Sponge Bob Square Pants tie. should I be concerned? :-) No, he even said
that Abby could come to Frontier's Graduation if we wanted, (Frontier
Academy is the High School I work at for those of you that don't know) so if
she is feeling up to it then I think we just may!

Well, since I didn't have that coffee I'm going to go to bed. I probably be
woken up in the next hour and then every couple after that but that's par
for the course. Part of me just wants to pull an all nighter and blog all
night long. But you wouldn't want to read that long of a post so off to bed
I go!

I'll probably look more like my little dwarf friend by the morning than Abby
will : )

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know we continue to reach out to you all, each and every day in prayer.

The Nicholsons