Thursday, June 16, 2005

Still chemo free

Still chemo free
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Hey all,

I made a quick webpage of the Relay for Life event for everyone to check out. That last picture, though I love it, makes me cry quite often when I see it. I mean there's no escaping it, she is a cancer patient/survivor with a medal, a shirt and all that goes with it... just hits home I guess. BTW, if anyone wants one of these pictures just let me know and I'll post them on snapfish as well.

She is still doing great in this window of rest that she has. She's running, "hoping on Pop" with reckless abandonment (I thought I was in the WWF last night as she through herself from the bed in a cannon ball style plunge onto my stomach! :)), and in all she is have a great time with lots of energy. That is fun to see. If you look at the pictures above you notice that she is in a giant box of Styrofoam, thanks Kimberly! She loves the box as much as the present, She played in this box for seriously about an hour and a half! Giggling the whole time!

Please be praying for Delayed intensifications... 5 days till it starts, and is going to be rough. This fact was brought back to the forefront of my mind as I was talking to Nikki, a leukemia patient at Relay for Life (black hair in the picture above) and she was telling me about her treatment, how most of her joints died during one of the chemo rounds and how she has had to have a couple joint replacements from donors, just like you would get for any other organ transplant. Also how her body couldn't metabolize 6-MP and other crazy stuff. Just makes me very alert to the fact that the coming road may be more difficult than it has been. It also makes me extremely thankful for how great Abby is doing... so, please ramp up the praying and thoughts for Abby.

Oh yes, more to come...


Anonymous said...

Mark, The info and the picture's are so great...thanks again!
I just praise God for the WONDERFUL FATHER you are, how your faith and joy come through when it's times like this "Relay For Life" or the time's when Abby is crying and hurting or frightened. I would never want any other Daddy for Abby and Anna other than YOU!!! You're the BEST!

Yes please post these pic's on Snapfish so we can purchase them.

I am on my knees for our precious Abby's upcoming DI phase of tx........I'm praying for God's protection, healing and mercy and patience for mostly Abby and also for you, Tiffany & Anna as you go through this time.....may God bless you all and make you strong as you enter and then finally finish this extremly rough time!!
God promises to never leave us.... and we can stand on that FIRM GROUND!
My love & blessings, see you on the June 28th.

Mark Schreiber said...

Thanks Mom!

Thank you for the encouragement, the help, the heart to come and help out at our house for a few weeks, and for the prayers. I wouldn't want any other mom-in-law either:)

BTW, we went for a hike today with Abby and Anna and they loved it! Tell the "Fam" hi for me.