Thursday, July 21, 2005

20,000 hits prize

20,000 hits prize
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Last week when I saw the total hit counter fast approaching 20,000 total hits I thought that I should do something special for the person that made the little hit counter hit 20,000. I-Tunes does it, the customer that downloads the 100,000 song or the 200,000 song, etc.. gets an i-Pod and a bunch of free music. I think the millionth song download is coming up and that person get a ton of stuff! Anyway, I don't make I-Pod's and there are no customers her at this site but still I thought I should do something... So what would I do? I thought all morning long, well for as long as I could concentrate on it anyway, at least a minute... I thought of a bunch of ideas: maybe give that person the last Decadron pill that we have left over, or maybe a chemo spill kit, or a loc of Abby's hair since it will all come out anyway. Those all seemed too weird, or sad, or just plain boring so I got another idea. Whoever hits on the 20,000 has to... I mean gets to give me a shoulder massage! Much better idea indeed.

So, I was all ready to implement this fabulous idea and post this message above when I decided to go look to see if there were any comments this morning. I opened up the site, clicked on the comment and BAM!.. Guess who was # 20,000?

Yup, me... So here I sit trying to type with one hand and give myself a lousy shoulder massage with the other. Oh well, it was a good idea. I'll just have to wait for #30,000.

So on the Abby front, she is much more pleasant today. The Decadron must be wearing off because she is much less hungry and a lot more playful/smiley. That is a great thing! Her hair has been falling out and today it started to come out in clumps so, probably by my next post I'll have a bald little girl... It's about time really, most kids loose it the first month or two so it is pretty amazing that she still has so much of it 7 months into the treatment. Still stinks that she has to lose it at all but I'm sure we'll get use to it in time. Otherwise things are relatively calm, especially in comparison to the last 3 weeks. We'll get more info on what to do about her lazy eye on Monday, most likely surgery, and we'll also see if her counts are good enough to start the next round of chemo on Tuesday.

That's about it... I've got to go and finish giving myself a back rub. :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 20,000! Hope Abby is doing well. Its sad she is going to be losing her hair :(

Anonymous said...

Well...if I hit 30K I am holding out for an autographed picture of Abby (Abby signed of course) and a BMW. I might settle for one of the above. Keep on keepin on....

Love and good wishes,
Noah Caitlin and Leah

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the updates Mark. So glad Abby is feeling better!

Do we have proof that you actually were the 20,000th hit? I am skeptical ...besides in any "legit" contest, employees or their families are ineligible! Ha!

Kimberly Nicholson

Anonymous said...

What no blogs sice July?

I work with Abby's grandpa
at APU and like to read Abby's
medical needs so I can pray
for her.

May God bless her -- in the areas
she needs blessing most!

Sheryl Lindsay
School of Theology/APU