Friday, August 05, 2005

No transfusion needed today

Just a quick note to let you all know that Abby went down to Denver today ready to get another blood transfusion and didn't have too. Her counts were high enough from the last transfusion on Tuesday so back home they come.
Anyway, she's doing really good and has been mostly back to her old self, laughing, playing, arguing with her little sis Anna, and just being plain old cute!

I'll try to post some pictures soon.

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H. West said...


I am so happy to hear that great news. I've been thinking all week about some things Tiff and I were talking about on monday, just about how strange it seems that Abby is doing so well when so many children are having so much trouble. We were thinking about how this can be fair, how just becuase it seems more people are praying, it makes it right and better. but as i was thinking about that later, sometimes God just chooses to bless us that way--- i wonder if sometimes we question the fairness of God more when he blesses us than when we think we are getting the raw deal. You guys are such a beautiful picture of how God desires to work in his world-- even though things can be excruciatingly painful, he wants to carry us through and bless us in the midst of the hardship. So even amid the struggle, we can still praise God for even the blessing that we do not understand!