Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Abby's doing "OK"

So, Abby had her last dose of Decadron this morning so hopefully she will be back to herself in a few days. She was pretty sore the first day home, Saturday, and the rest of the week she has been doing so so. Some days have been pretty good, not too whiney, and not super hungry either. Most afternoons she has been pretty grumpy and very clingy, she would be content just being held all day long. Often she just sits at Tiffany's feet while she does the dishes or fixes a meal. Today, I found her sitting on the rug by the back door waiting for me to come home to hold her. So, hopefully she will feel better soon.

At least she has been sleeping well, for the most part. She's only really had one terrible night, the rest have been pretty good.

That's about it, not much to report, just a tired sore little girl that wants to be held because, as she says, "I'm just not feeling good" and, "I'm just having a hard time"...

Speaking of sleep... I better get some rest too.


Anonymous said...

Tell Abby, Nana will be there Friday (1 more sleep) and I will hold her as long as she wants!
Tell Anna, I can't wait to see what a big girl she is on the potty!
Praying for you guys.
Love you all, see you soon!

H. West said...

I'm glad to hear that Abby had a better day today. I really loved just the visual of her just sitting there, waiting for you to hold me. It totally reminded me of how beautiful our relationship with God can be when we can just be honest that way-- to stop trying to find stuff to do away with or fix our own pain and just admit that it hurts and we need someone to hold us. What a great picture. Thank God for kids...

Hope you all have a great next few days as well,