Sunday, June 11, 2006

Living with a Celebrity

Well Abby's cute face is in the paper again from our involvement with relay for life.

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The Luminaria ceremony was very nice again, emotional but nice. I do want to say "thank you" to everyone who bought a Luminaria! Abby had a whole 40 feet of bags with her name on them! Thank you for honoring her that way and especially thank you for your support of the American Cancer Society by buying one of these.

Well, I'm pretty worn out still so I'll write more about the experiance later.

See ya.


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Anonymous said...

Will be praying for you. I understand how hard it can be to start the chemo back again after some time off. Sometimes it seems as if it would be easier to just continue the treatments because you are in that mind set.

So glad Abby has been able to impact so many people and make such a difference with the cancer society. Tell her we said hello and that my Abby is still waiting on that pretty picture she is going to color her.

The other Abby's mommy,