Sunday, September 24, 2006

New End Date :(

I have to tell you, my heart sunk when Dr. Smith said, "looks like that will be May 13th. I'll write that down up front so we don't forget." You see, they've been saying Feburary for a while and I wanted to get the specific so I asked... Let me back up a bit.

Abby and I went down to the CHOA office to get the IgG therapy on Friday. It takes about 5 hours to do the whole thing so during my time with Dr. Smith I asked him when the exact date would be that Abby would be done. He said probably Feb. but that he would check. He looked at the protocol that she is on and it said that the kids are done 2 years from the start of Interm maintenance. He proceeded to look on back in the chart and said, "May 13th.", that is when my heart sank. I was thinking that they would tell me it was the end of Feb. or maybe even the beginning of March... but May? Ouch. That's like 90 more 6-MP pills and maybe even another spinal tap. That's 15-20 extra days of a grumpy, hungry steroid girl... That means that we wouldn't be done until after our celebration trip to Disney Land.

That's why my heart sank.

He left, and I started to think. I thought about all the things above and tried to gear my mind up for the new time frame. Then I started thinking... "That can't be right." I had to be wrong. I got out my trusty CHOA folder and the protocol that she is on and started reading it myself. In our book Interm Maintenance started April 19th, still not great but at least a month better, only 60 pills and probably no extra spinal tap. I thought that I might have to check the blog to see if our records where right, another good reason to keep a blog huh!?

Anyway, I finally talked to one of the nurses, and asked them to see if they could reconcile the differences in what I found vs. Dr. Smith. It turns out that April 19th is it.

So, a new end date but a firm one. April 19th. Still sounds a lot further away than Feburary. Oh well. I'm still a bit disappointed but I also want everything to be ok when she is done so an extra 2 months is probably good insurance.

Change your calendars! Now you get 2 more months of sporadic blogging! Yippee for you!

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