Sunday, September 10, 2006

Only 6 treatments to go.

Hey all,

Abby took her last Dexamethasone of the week this morning. We celebrated. This week was a pretty sad week for Abby, she was very emotional and very hungry. She's almost eaten an entire box, a very big box I may add, of corn flakes this week! Last night she put down 1 large ear of corn, 2 chicken thighs, and a good helping of quinoa (did I spell that right?). When she was all done she asked if Anna was going to eat her other half of corn!

She's been going to bed early every night and constantly sucking her fingers with her blanket close by. Basically just not herself. Hopefully she'll be back to herself soon.

But like I said, only 6 more to go! Yippee! We talked about how she'll be done soon and what happens after that. She asked if she will still get "pokeys" I said, "yes, in your finger though because they'll take your port out when you're done." She said, " I don't like those kind of pokeys." I think it will be better than the port though!

So, as you can see things are going pretty good. I love the fall here in Colorado so that makes even weeks like this more than just bearable. Maybe we'll have to go check out the Scotish/Irish festival up in Estes Park today, or maybe we'll just all rest!

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