Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sinus news

Hey sorry for the delay in the Sinus updates but here is the scoop:

Abby had another CAT scan (CT) and chemo last Friday. Dr. Smith looked at the CT Monday and said that they look really good, a dramatic improvement.
The Ear Nose Throat (ENT) looked at them on Tuesday and said that they look good. I'm not completely sure what the ENT said we got the info second hand from a nurse at our clinic.
If the sinus infection comes back then they will need to do surgery to clear it all up.

So, Abby is off antibiotics and we are just waiting to see how it all progresses. We're still doing the nasal rinsing as much as we can remember to. Abby is doing better with it now and even Anna gets involved by standing next to Abby and telling her it will be alright... pretty cute.

Abby goes down for IgG again tommorow and we are praying that that will give her the immunity that she needs to fight off any colds or reoccurances of the sinus infection.

See what else... oh Chicken Pox is going around our church so Abby can't go to Sunday school anymore. Once the last case has surfaced we will be able to go back 21 days later. We are trying to be positive about it but it is still a bit of a pain especially since they have a vaccine for Chicken Pox now. If everyone had the vaccine then this would be less of an issue... oh well.

Abby just finished up her last Dexamethasone (ie. grumpy/hungry) pill for this chemo round. She is doing pretty good, a bit tired but good.

That's it for now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark. I've been meaning to comment to you that Jonah also does nasal rinsing for allergy issues. I told him that "the Abby we pray for every day does them too", so that helps him get a little more excited about them (because we've had plenty of screaming about them at our house!). Take care- you guys have never been out of our prayers the last almost 2 years!
Amy Fanning