Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tuesday Chemoscopy

Look, I made a new word "Chemoscopy"
Chemoscopy-- Definition: (Noun, Adjective, and Verb.) Pronounced-- (Kee Mo Os Cope ee).
1)To drive to Denver for many procedures. 1a)The act of lots of procedures being scheduled for the same day. 1b)To describe a day filled with medical devices such as small intestinal cameras, fiber optics, laxatives, access ports, IvIG, and chemotherapy. 1c)To give multiple procedures that have to do with chemo, and multiple "oscopy" procedures in rapid succession on one day. "Abby will have a Chemoscopy on Tuesday, Mark told his concerned friends."

Yup, you got it. It's Chemoscopy Tuesday next week. Here's the day plan give her multiple laxative for about 12 hours before. Drive her down to CHOA where they will give her Vincristine and IViG in 2 hours instead of the normal 4 hours. Then by 10am ish we will give her some other lovely looking "clearing" device to help the colonoscopy go better. We will arrive at the outpatient surgery center where they will put her under for the procedures, and endoscopy and colonoscopy, to determine what might be going on.

So you say, "where did all this come from?" or "When did this all get scheduled?" Well, just on Friday, so get off my back. I can only type so fast! :) just kiddin'.

Ya, so Friday Tiffany took Abby to the GI Doc and they decided to try to get this all taken care of on the same day that we have chemo/IViG schedule, Tuesday. By Friday afternoon they had it all scheduled. They don't think there will be much to see but with her tummy being in such disarray for such a long time they want to make sure there isn't something more going on. They will also be able to take some biopsies that will help them to determine what is going on. I'll be glad when we have something more solid, no pun intended... actually it was, to go on. Get it all figured out, that's what we'd like.

They think it is probably just some reaction of the bodies to the virus that she had where the body stops processing foods the correct way. If that is the case then we will just have to do some dietary changes until she gets back on track.

Well, that's it. Pray for Tuesday.

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