Saturday, May 05, 2007

At the beach.

Ahh, we're finally here! Seeing the waves, the sun, the girls playing in the water and sand really does my heart good.

We went to the beach right away and the first thing that Abby did when we got there was to start collecting things. Rocks, feathers, seaweed and sticks. She put them all in a mound and decorated it very nicely. Vicky said she must be building a memorial to God like the Israelites did in the old testiment. So Abby kept building her memorial to God. And by the time it was done it definately was a monument to be reckoned with!

Pretty funny stuff. And so much more to come!

Lots of great pictures on our new camera. We'll have to put a link to an album for you all to look at. I'm sure we'll have a ton of photos by the time we are done!

Off to indulge in the incredible sunset! bye now.

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