Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer Fun


Well things are going pretty well this summer. Playing in the yard, enjoying the sun, and splashing in the little inflatable pool when it gets too hot. Since Lily doesn't get too much air-time on this blog I thought I'd post this nice little pic.

On the Abby front she's been OK. She still is fighting off another, or maybe the same, sinus infection and so this coming Wednesday we will be taking her down for a full day of tests. Another CAT scan, an appointment with the ENT doctor who did her surgery, and finally over to Dr. Smith's office for her monthly checkup/IvIG dose.

I'll keep you posted as to what the docs say. Right now she is back on antibiotics. They decided to put her on some new antibiotic that just came out that is suppose to have a broader effectiveness than Cleomyacin does. We'll see. They did a blood culture/CBC the other day since she's had this nagging fever but it didn't turn up anything so they think it's probably just the sinuses.

Abby has changed a lot in the last month. She has gotten a lot taller and thinner in her face and torso. I'll be interested to see what her height is when we go down to CHOA, I bet she's 2 inches taller.

And also, Abby had a little celebration party yesterday at the park with a bunch of our freinds that have been helping out so much during this time. I think it was good for everyone to see Abby doing so well even with a sinus infection. If she has this much energy with a low-grade fever and sinus infection I'm a bit scared to see what she'll be like when they finally clear this thing up!

Thanks for checking in. I'll post more and maybe some pics of the party in a few days once we have more information from the docs.
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