Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I really need to keep this up better!

I'm a bad blogger. And, I'm glad about that.

See if I was blogging on this site everyday still, something would be wrong... either wrong with me or wrong with Abby. And the simple fact is that no news is good news. Therefore, no blogging.

I don't know if I should retire this site or make it the "Schreiber Update... a vision of healing (that part will aways work). I guess I'll just post when I feel like the time is right. People that still read this, I hope it helps you in some way understand what the process of having a child with Leukemia was and is like. It was a crazy time. One that has changed us all, for the better, profoundly and will never be forgotten.

I'm so glad for everyone that journeyed this road together with us. It was a wild ride. Wow, what a ride.

So, here's the much over due update:
  • Abby is continually taller, and weighs the same as she has for the last 2 years.
  • Abby is in 1st Grade, she'll turn 7 in January!
  • She is a beautiful, silly, inquisitive, strong, empathetic, girl who loves life and lives it minute by minute to the fullest.
  • She is, just as her name means, her fathers joy.
  • And, she is, to the fullest and truest extent.... ALIVE in every way... (big sigh... big Smile...) Thank you all, and thank you God.
Till we post again...

Abby's Daddy


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you remember me but I posted a bloodwork question on your site back in the Fall of 2006. My son, Ben, was diagnosed with Pre-B Standard Risk ALL in March 2006 and will complete his treatment in May of 2009. I appreciated all your updates on Abby and I enjoyed your writing. I just wanted to say how proud I am of Abby in her long journey and how great she looks today. She gives us all hope. Thanks for writing; thanks for updating. Ben is doing wonderful too and I have much hope and faith that our children will grow up to be long-term survivors and provide much hope everyone that knows them. Good luck. Your post brought tears to my eyes!

Anonymous said...

Hey Abby! Hope school is going well and that you and your family are enjoying the fall weather. Just wanted to stop by and make sure there weren't any new updates. Guess no news is good news. We understand that! My Abby is doing great as well. We are still praying for you.

The other Abby's mommy. (Carrie)

Brianne said...

alive. and the world needs more people who are truly ALIVE. someone smart told me that once.

miss you, schreiber babies.