Sunday, December 20, 2015

Block 2 starts Monday.

It's been so nice to be have everyone in the same house again. Abby's been feeling ok. Mornings are a bit tough with nausea but she's still eating pretty good overall, she just eats more at night now. 

Block (or cycle) 2 starts on Monday with chemo and the grumpy pills (high-dose steroids) through Christmas. Then she'll be admitted again for a week or so starting on the Tuesday after Christmas for a higher dose prolonged infusion. 

We don't have the full test results of the bone marrow test back yet but the initial results look promising. The Dr. made the analogy of a garden where plants and weeds grow for her bone marrow. Basically they just used Round Up on her garden and they killed it all, good and bad. The results right now show that not much of anything is still alive in that bone marrow garden and therefore the chemo is working well. 

It's nice to see Abby feeling good enough to go outside a couple times in the last days and I'm not looking forward to this next pulse. Hopefully each pulse will be a little less intense as we move on through this treatment. Monday's results will define that path more clearly. And as we all are, I'm praying for the easier of the 2 paths as well. 

More info once we have it. 

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