Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Spiked a fever- back to the hospital we go.

We were just about to leave the clinic, she had done great with her shots and all. The unaccessed her port and just as we were getting her shoes on, we felt her head... Hot. 

So close.  They just hooked her back up, drew some blood for cultures and are giving her some heavy duty antibiotics. She'll have to be admitted tonight, and possibly for a while. Her ANC (infection fighting blood count) is 10. Mine is about 2000 so she pretty bottomed out. 

So close but at least we were already here.  She'll also get a blood transfusion to bring her hemoglobin back up as it a bit low today too. 


Anonymous said...

Bummer! We are thinking of Abby and the family often. Miss you guys. Roy and Etsuko

joy christian said...

Praying for you guys... for extra peace and rest tonight.

Unknown said...

A friend shared this short message message by Louie Giglio that I found really encouraging and empowering. I hope it will bless you in the same way! - Debi