Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Still at the Hospital

Hi everyone.  Abby is dong really well, considering.  Her ANC is still zero and not showing signs of coming up yet.  However, she has been nauseous  much less.  She has been needing periodic blood and platelet transfusions and is still on the IV antibiotic and anti-fungal medicines.

Her spirits are up, as you can see from her photo.  She is holding a batch (clutch? brood? pack?) of felted dragons she made.  We took them for a walk on the floor to show them our favorite picture, Owls in Bowties.  We think the one with the purple tie just arrived at the hospital and is feeling a little overwhelmed with his new life here.  We can relate.

So, there's not much to report.  It is wonderful to have her feeling so well, eating, gaining weight, doing school, walking around, and making lots of creative things!  She still has a week of chemo to get in as soon as her ANC is 500 and then it has to come up again after that to 500 again before we can start the 2 week BMT workup.  So, we may be looking at the first week in April for the actual BMT.  Abby was making some cards yesterday from a kit that came from a sweet lady at my folks' old church in CA and she found a card with this quote on it, "She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails." (Elizabeth Edwards)  We hung it in the room to remind us that life is about change and not being in control but we can choose to accept and adapt as best we can.

Anna and Lily will be coming down on Friday for their follow-up blood tests to see if one or the other of them would be a better donor for Abby.  They are nervous but stepping up to the plate for Abby.  Children's is great.  They will have a Child Life Specialist meet us before the blood draw so that they have someone with them, besides us, to help it go smoothly.  Lily is still hoping she gets to donate.  Hopefully, the next time we blog Abby is home!

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