Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Home but sick :(

Well, I guess it makes sense.  You run this hard for this long and someone is bound to get sick.  Well, that someone happens to be everyone... except Abby right now.

Pray that Abby stays well, especially this close to her transplant. We've had to basically keep Abby in her room now and we all wear masks and wash our hands a lot.  I emailed the BMT coordinator to see how germaphobic we really need to be and she said, yes, we need to be germaphobic and diligent with hand washing to hopefully keep Abby well.  I guess colds can become infections and that would definitely push the transplant back further.  So, please pray for protection for her and for quick healing on the rest of the family.

We did have some family time this weekend and a bit yesterday before the colds really took hold.  So, hopefully next weekend we'll be able to hang out in the same room again.

Thanks for checking in!


Unknown said...

How are you all feeling now? Hoping Abby stays well for her transplant!

Tiffany said...

We are hanging in there. The colds are lingering and we may have another one moving through Anna and myself. A restful weekend should help. Thanks for asking!