Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Finally Took the Christmas Tree Down

People keep asking us how we are doing, and to be honest, I don't think we really yet know. The last couple of months have been a blur, have been very intense/demanding, and I think are all just starting to get to a place where we can look around a little again and see where we've landed.

How We're Doing:
We're just realizing that we landed in... well, March. What? When did it get to be March? I was fine with a Valentines Day tree but shamrocks really do clash with pine needles so last weekend I drank an extra cup of coffee and took the Christmas Tree down before the calendar hit March. Now the lights on the house, they are still up, but they're white and I'm thinking I can make that work for Easter somehow if needed.

The Stats:
But yes, it's been intense to say the least. In the last 2 months Abby has had:

  • 12 out-patient trips to the clinic
  • 15 nights in the hospital
  • 3 weeks of plus 101 degree fevers
  • 4 weeks of not being able to walk well/straight her arms
  • 22 different medications (down to 10 now)
  • 3 procedures
  • 3 surgeries
  • 15 needle sticks
And I'm sure I missed somethings too like all the Docs she's met (PT, OT, Infection Disease, Rheumatoid, GI, Eye docs... too many to remember). 

The Progress:
Anyway, once all the test were done, and the dust cleared they put her on high-dose steroids and she started getting better. A bit grumpier, but better nonetheless.

Abby does Physical Therapy every day, twice a day to stretch and strengthen her arms, shoulders, and legs. She'll be going to appointments 3 days a weeks still (2 of them in Fort Collins). And she can almost get out into bed by herself but still can't get off of lower seats yet so we help her around a lot. She uses a walker when out of the house on her way to appointments but otherwise she pretty mobile now. 

Abby still get's IV fluids and an IV anti-fungal drug each day plus takes a lot of pills but she's also had time to watch shows (mostly cooking shows right now -ah the joys of steroids), and has even been preparing some of her own meals which is a great way to get a little more exercise in too.

So, overall we are still tired but things are moving in the right direction and it is great to see Abby up and about once again. It is great to see her progressing so rapidly and we are praying that this speed of recovery will continue through March.

Thanks for checking in and we'll let you all know if something else big happens, otherwise, know that we are just moving forward slowly but surely.


Unknown said...

Thank you for this update! So happy to hear that Abby is becoming mobile once again. Praise God! Abby and all of you are in my prayers daily for strength, an ever-growing closeness with God, and for Abby's healing. May God be glorified!
Much love and prayers, Debbie Dwyer

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