Friday, December 15, 2017

A Quick Hello

Hello everyone!  Many of you would mostly like love an update on Abby and our family.  Mark will be writing on in the form our our blog Christmas letter soon!  I am here to let you know that all is well, except for the arrival of the flu at our house this week!  Prayers for protection for Abby and the other girls would be welcomed.  Abby is on Tamiflu for protection, and I got on it soon enough that I am starting to feel better here at day 3.  So thankful to medicine once again!  I also wanted you to know that Abby and Anna have an Esty shop where Anna is selling handmade polymer clay beads and jewelry and Abby is selling hand-tied fly ornaments for the season.  So if you still need some Christmas gifts, check it out:

More soon, when Mark gets on top of not only his health and work deadlines, but can type up a more detailed update! Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season.

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